Who knows! I feel like I am filling out a dating app. In a way, I guess I sort of am. I am embarking on an endeavor and asking for your help, so I had better tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Kristin, but a lot of friends call me “Sullivan” or “Sully”. I do like sabbaticals, but I love the work I do. One of my awesome coworkers, Marianne, and I came up with an elevator speech of what we do: Buy electricity and natural gas for clients and then work with them to use less of it in the first place. What do you think?

I started working in energy right out of gate after returning from the Peace Corps. It was ironic because I had lived without electricity for two years, and now I was strategically purchasing it for companies. During the interviews for that first job of my career, I managed to let the cat out of the bag that I wanted to bike from Alaska to Argentina. I think they hired me out of intrigue.

I left for the bike ride and came back to a job search that landed me in the wind energy industry. After working on renewable energy policy and wind energy development, I took a turn for the public sector and absolutely loved it!

I served as Energy Manager and Solar Program Director for the City of Philadelphia for about 6 years. I had a blast and got so much experience, taking ideas and projects from soup to nuts (who eats nuts for dessert?). And despite what you might think about government work, there was an amazing group of people who wanted to help make the City a better place to live and work, and that included an energy and sustainability plan!

My latest job opportunity has been with CBRE, a large real estate firm that adopted a workplace solutions arm, where I worked. I just recently left my position as Energy & Sustainability Energy Manager for TD Bank.

After I complete this journey, I hope to get accepted into an abridged version of the Peace Corps. If I get the position I’ve applied for, I hope to be in the Philippines for 7 months to round out my year away.

As you can see in these pictures, I am not just “me”. I am a mix of all of these people and activities. I absolutely love my network of friends and family and I’m reminded every day how amazing they are to me and the people around them.